About us

CFT, LLC is a manufacturer’s representative and contracting firm located in the Chattanooga, Tennessee MSA. The company was founded by Tom Clarke, a thirty-seven year veteran of the building automation industry, in 2016, after working for Schneider Electric (Andover Controls) and Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. His projects and capabilities are listed at www.linkedin.com/in/thomasrclarkeii. Mr. Clarke is adept at looking from the outside in and identifying needs in a total systems approach to solving customer problems and acquiring them as lifelong clients.

All projects have been completed on time and budget for all projects listed on LinkedIn including Motorola, General Electric, United Technologies, and the State of Tennessee (57 buildings) including the State Capitol, Legislative Plaza and State Museum.

CFT offers four unique technologies that provide total annual savings from 3% to 30% and payback in two years or less. These technologies target water and electric power. Smart Valve and PowerwoRx CPS come with 90 day, money back guarantee, ten year warranty, and twenty year useful life. Our products do not require any ongoing maintenance or operating expense, so, every dollar saved goes to your bottom line. If you are not a co-op or reseller of water or power, these products should qualify as Section 179 property. Check with your CPA to make sure. Because of these features and benefits, we feel our technologies should be staples in your energy strategy.

WINT does not have ongoing operating expenses, but the savings generated by these products out weigh significantly the expense. Let us run the numbers for you.

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