WINT Water Intelligence

Prevent Water Damage
Reduce Consumption
Cut Carbon Emissions

WINT detects and stops leaks at the source using Artificial Intelligence. It alerts you when water is leaking and can automatically shut it off. Intelligent real-time monitoring identifies sources of leaks and waste preventing damage, reducing consumption and cutting the resulting carbon emissions.

Prevent. Protect. Preserve.

Save your business from water damage

Water leaks in buildings cause damage to property and disrupt your business.

WINT prevents water damage by detecting and stopping leaks at the source.

When WINT detects a leak, it alerts you and can instantly shut water off. WINT’s artificial intelligence identifies the source of the leak so you can quickly fix the problem.

Reduce Consumption 
and Cut Water Bills

WINT monitors all your water use and detects the sources of waste. It provides detailed analytics about your water consumption.

WINT saves water – and cuts up to 25% of your water bills.