Start Saving Money On Your

Water & Energy Bills

Smart Valve™


CFT’s SmartValve ™ can reduce your commercial, industrial and residential facilities water spend by 10-30% with a payback of two years or less, 50% IRR, 400% ROI, verifiable savings and quick installation.  (Two Hour Water Shutoff)

Utilities charge you for both the water and air flowing through the water meter.

Our patented valve compresses the air in the water flowing through the meter, thereby lowering the amount you are billed by 10-30%.



Our innovative and clean power solutions provide clean, efficient energy to keep your electronics safe

From power surges, spikes and electrical noise. We have multiple UL certified products available for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Energy Savings range from 3-15% with simple payback from two to four years.

WINT Water

WINT Water Intelligence detects and stops leaks at the source using Artificial Intelligence. It alerts you when water is leaking and automatically shuts it off. Intelligent real-time monitoring identifies sources of leaks and waste, reducing your water consumption 20% to 25% and preventing damage.

To learn more about WINT and other energy saving solutions schedule an appointment today.